April 02, 2007

Why do these girls look so good in the summer?

I've long held the belief that human beings are at their attractiveness prime during the college age years. It seems like the majority of us have developed to adult form by this time and yet - depending on how badly the freshman-15 hits us - we are generally in better shape now than we will be as we age. Incidentally, at UVA they call freshman "first years" so does that translate to the first-year-15? Anyway, you might say we're at our physical peak. Or at least approaching it. After all, it's fairly well documented that a baseball player reaches his prime around his mid to late twenties (I can't wait to see what Pujols is going to do these next few years). Still, I can't help but wonder if this is all perspective. When I was in grade school I had a crush on many a young lass. But looking at girls of that age now, they clearly appear as children to me - and thus not attractive physically. At each age, I've always been attracted to the people in my age range. But I must admit, there are not too many 40 or 50 year olds that I have the hots for. Will this change? In another decade will I look at the 20 something crowd and think of them as children? even though they're technically adults? I suppose one way to find out would be to go around asking a bunch of older women if they find me attractive. One would think a young strapping lad like myself would have his share of admirers. But perhaps not. Perhaps they'll say to me - young man you have no grey in your beard!


Anonymous said...

You should use "BOD" as your cologne. I've heard it attracts women of all ages.... Wait. I think that's cheating.

Anonymous said...

first years is just like harry potter, and we all know how you feel about Hermioninny


Anonymous said...

Where is your baseball preditions. Someone should champion the Cards (even though the Mets slapped them around twice now)

Unknown said...

Aside from your basic observation of people being at their "attractiveness peak" around their college years, you also need to consider a person's sexual peak when constructing an experiment to measure your own attractiveness (by asking older woman if they find you attractive). I think you will find your results slightly skewed, because you--a male who happens to be just past your sexual peak of 18-20 (sorry)--will be gathering data from women at the female sexual peak of 40-45. My numbers might be a little off. Though you cut quite a figure, I feel you will find a larger number of women attracted to you than you are to them.

P.S.--I thought I'd sprinkle my comment with a lot of science-y terms so that you could understand it better. I failed to work in "quantify", but I have to save something for next time.

P.P.S--I was in Wisconsin for a bit and promise to email you properly.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.