May 01, 2007

If I were a rich man

This morning the radio woke me up to an announcement of the Virginia Millionaire Raffle. It's basically like the lottery only there are not as many tickets being made. But help me do the math... the guy exclaims, "Three grand prizes of a million dollars! Less than 200,000 tickets will be sold!" But ten seconds later I hear the quiet, fast-paced addendum: "Actual chances of winning 1:110,000". Doesn't that mean that there must be at least 330,000 tickets printed?

In other news, a couple of weeks ago my jazz combo here at UVA had a spring recital. TinRoof used her trusty digital camera to get my two vocal tunes on video. And as I'm recently addicted to YouTube, I've posted them. Enjoy...

There Will Never Be Another You

Nature Boy


Hal said...

Daiddle deedle daiddle digga digga deedle daiddle dum.

Nobrainer said...

Maybe less than 200,000 tickets remain?

From the VA Lottery site: "Only 330,000 Virginia Millionaire Raffle tickets will be sold at $20 each. When the winning tickets are announced and televised statewide on June 14, 2007, three will be worth $1 million cash each; another three tickets will be worth $50,000 each, and there will be 300 tickets that will each be worth $500."