August 27, 2007

Like... such as

I had planned to blog this morning about seeing Evan Almighty last night. I was going to tell you all how pleasantly surprised I was by the film. That it was cute and funny and wholesome. And that I even spotted a friend or two in the background (it was filmed just down the road). I was going to tell you about the ridiculously beautiful theatre that TinRoof and I saw this movie in (The Byrd in Richmond) and how awesome it was that we only paid $2. But then... I saw Miss Teen South Carolina's tragically funny response to a question in the recent Miss Teen USA competition. I honestly wasn't sure whether to fall to the ground in laughter or shed a tear for the US American education system (not to mention those poor South Africans). Even the good old Mario Lopez was struggling to contain himself after this idiotic remark. So what more could I do than what thousands of people have probably already done - and post this video on my blog. Enjoy! But beware - you absolutely will be dumber 48 seconds from now.

My favorite part is "everywhere like such as and"!


Anonymous said...

She got a second chance - check this out:

Hal said...

Oh, don't be that way doc. This girl is a victim.

Of who? Um . . . I'll get back to you on that.