December 17, 2007

The Giving Blog

So... if you were a 24 year old woman, what would you want for Christmas from your fiance? Seriously, people, I could use some help here. I don't know why I'm having so much trouble this time around. I hope that doesn't bode poorly for future Christmases. I hope to spend many with TinRoof.

OK folks - I'm off to the Schnitzel house for ein bier with one of my office mates (Little Mikey). After that, I may go prowl the mall promptly and hope that a present will present itself to my presence for purchase...presently.


Anonymous said...

Road atlases.

At least that is what Rachel wanted, but she is really into maps.

Otherwise I can't really suggest specific items. But I do suggest you remember the basic formula for great gifts: give to a person what they want for themselves but would never buy for themselves.

Hal said...

You can't go wrong with jewelry.

Anonymous said...

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