February 22, 2008


Two quick videos to share with you all today. The first is a recording of a solo I sang at church a few months ago. I just got around to posting it on YouTube the other day. The first half of the lyrics were written by Jars of Clay, the second half is my own personal addition. Following that, since I never posted about the Super Bowl (which was awesome by the way, though I hope Brownsox will get over it) or, more specifically, its commercials which I thought were relatively good this year (see: E-Trade baby and Doritos mouse), I wanted to share my favorite commercial of all time. Enjoy.


The Bourbon Samurai said...

Aw hell yeah, crazy ikea commercial. That is the shit.

Anonymous said...

That Ikea Commerical DOMINATES. It is Dr. Laser approved.

Quantum said...

I do enjoy the ikea commercial

I felt the super bowl commercials were lame this year, same the Charles Barkley/Duane Wade one.