February 02, 2007

Happy Groundhog Day

The little bugger didn't see his shadow. Can I get an amen? Short winter this year. Don't worry though, I'm sure it's totally unrelated to global warming. (By the by, did anyone else notice that Al Gore was recently nominated for a Nobel Prize?) In honor of my fellow shut-in, Punxsutawney Phil (he lives in a stump, I a windowless office), here are some lists about grad school...

Things I Don't Like About Grad School

A1. Office hours (see B5)
A2. An office with no windows (see B4)
A3. Research (see B1)
A4. Classes (see B2)
A5. Being underpaid (see B3)

Things I Do Like About Grad School

B1. Professors with Scottish accents (see A4)
B2. Irrational disdain for undergraduates (see A1)
B3. Coming in to work at 11 (see A2)
B4. "Working at home" (see A3)
B5. Getting paid to go to school (see A5)

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