February 19, 2007

I will survive

Well, I survived my first X-treme activity of the week. Skiing was fantastic. I'm even getting pretty good at skiing backwards. Now I can't help but wish I were skiing everywhere I went. It would be fun... and no CO2 emissions!

Next up - physiological training at Andrews AFB. 2 days of God knows what is before me. I only hope I don't die - and if possible - that I don't pass out. Feel free to pray for me. I'll keep you up to date if I have access to a computer - otherwise, check back on Thursday.

Continuing with my discussion of cinnamon rolls... I once came up with a really great idea for a new culinary invention: fortune rolls. The deliciousness of a cinnamon roll with the wisdom of a fortune cookie. Think about it. Fortune cookies are not the tastiest treat of the...trove? (alliteration is hard) They're too crunchy and not delicious enough to be a proper desert or snack. They are primarily loved for their tokens of wisdom such as "A new business venture will bring you great success [in bed]." Therefore, why not incorporate this wisdom into a more delectable desert? Before I get logistical questions from the peanut gallery, let me answer the obvious: first you cook the roll as normal, then you place a cylindrical plastic vile containing the fortune in the center of the roll. The location of the fortune is also terribly important and metaphorical and all that - which I have already promised to expand upon soon.

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Anonymous said...

You should include more alliteration in your posts-- it makes me fill literaturally superior. (I made up a word.=)