September 05, 2007

Church's Commercial Challenge

Last month, I supplied you all with a challenge. I was hoping one of you might track down - or at least remember - the "No mommy! That's my food!" commercial. I even offered to grant one wish to the winner of this challenge and sing his praises on my Musings. None of you bit. Fine then. Be that way. However, I have come up with a second challenge. This one is just for fun though - no wishes will be granted.

I've been thinking lately about the long term impact of advertising. There's so much crap on the tube these days. I wonder what will have staying power. Will kids 15 years from now remember the Gecko or the Cavemen? Will they be able to sing the McDonald's jingle? Am I the only one who has a ridiculous memory of this useless crap? I can think back on my childhood and certain commercials or jingles stick out vividly even after all these years. The other day, I couldn't get the old Big Red jingle out of my head and I wondered - am I the only one?

So the challenge is this: Without the aid of YouTube or any other internet cheating device, can any of you remember the lyrics to the old school Big Red jingle?

Give up? You can hear it here. I'd also be curious to hear your nominations for the commercial and/or jingle from your childhood which is most memorable.


Jared and Beth said...

A little reward for those of you who choose to participate in the challenge...

Ricky Bobby on Big Red

Anonymous said...

I couldn't remember it at first, but as soon as I heard "kiss a little longer" I hit stop and sung the rest of the song myself.

You know what, at this point, it doesn't matter. Because it keeps runnin inside my head, and it won't leave unless I blow it out... with a bullet!

Anonymous said...

An old favorite!

Mentos - the Freshmaker

Anonymous said...

Haha- omg so im searching for the "No mommy thats my food" commercial cuz its always been a huge inside joke in my family... and i came across your blog. Omg if you find it message me and if i ever find it ill link it to you!