September 24, 2007

Lemon Water

Let me tell you something that drives me nuts (for, what good are blogs if not as an outlet for childish complaining). I can't stand it when I go to a restaurant and ask for water but instead am brought back supremely watered down lemonade. Now, I know there are those of you who enjoy a slice of lemon on their water glass - and that's fine. But when I ask for a water, I expect to receive only water. If I wanted lemonade, I would order it. And if a lemonade was delivered to me that tasted as watered down as the lemon-water which is so often served in place of water, I would send it back.

Now, this is something I've loathed for some time. But what prompted the blog was this weekend's meals with TinRoof's grandmother, Gan. At each restaurant, Gan would ask the waiter for "water with lemon" and I would ask for "water". And each time, we were both brought the same thing: lemon-polluted-water. I briefly thought, perhaps when I order my drink, I should clarify - "water without lemon". But then I thought, screw that! Why should I be the one who has to clarify? I think Gan had it right when she ordered - she specified exactly what she wanted - just as I did. But only one of us was listened to.

If only I were able to be a jerk in real life (not just on my blog), maybe I would send back my "water" and ask for a water.


Anonymous said...

So do you have pictures of you and Beth?

Anonymous said...

As a server, I must say, it is always nice when someone clarifies water, no lemon....some places actually require you to put the offending citrus fruit on the glass, whether or not the customer has asked for it...and let me tell you what pisses me off...when you order an ice tea, and they do NOT bring a lemon with it....obey the garnish laws, people!

The Bourbon Samurai said...

I also hate that. Put the damn lemon wedge on the side of the glass and I shall choose whether to squeeze it in! I HAVE THE POWER!

Anonymous said...

I have a similar problem but with ice. I always ask for water with no ice but get a glass full of ice water served to me. What is so hard about "no ice" that servers can get?