September 07, 2007

Pi-th Visit

The Musings have received their Pi-th visitor! (The 3,141-th visitor, that is.) The lucky winner of this shout out is a Verizon Internet Services customer and has an IP address which traces to King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. I didn't even know that was a real town! But it has been google-confirmed and is near Philly which leads me to believe the mystery visitor was my former office mate, the Italian Stallion of Combustion. His visit included 2 page views and a length of 1 minute and 40 seconds - just enough time for a healthy dose prescribed by Dr. Church.

In other visitation news. Someone recently arrived at my site via a Google search for "high altitude flatulence emissions". I've never been more proud than this moment.


Anonymous said...

that is pretty awesome! Congrats on the google search and reaching Pi.

Anonymous said...

a note from the pi-th visitor and anonymous reader virtually located in king of prussia (i am actually not ... but dr. church's combustion-based spying program is quite accurate, within +/- 15 miles): since i am the winner, what is the prize? a keg of home brewed beer? cool!!!