June 24, 2007

Google has 2 o's only

Does anyone else hate Google Images? I find it extremely obnoxious. When I am searching for a picture, I don't want to go to the web page the picture can be found on. I want to see only the picture. But Google has that stupid 2 inch bar that shows up at the top of the page. And then if you actually want to see a decent size shot, you either have to scroll through the website below or you have to click again on the thumbnail. Stupid. Just stupid.

I guess there's nothing left to do but provide you all with a picture or two...

TinRoof and I with The Expert and his wife in Chi-town at a Sox game.

Me and Seinfeld's puffy shirt. It's in the freaking Smithsonian.

P.S. I bought the newest Kurt Elling CD this weekend. It is absolutely ridiculous. If you like jazz - go buy it right now.


Nobrainer said...

It is extremely obnoxious... and not that functional either.

Images are not nearly as easy to categorize as text. This is especially true when so many people using the web don't add any specific context to their pictures.

As for the obnoxiousness, I'm afraid it is probably necessary. There are issues with taking material from a site without going through the site and all kinds of crap. Individuals can get away with that kind of stuff, but probably not someone with a target painted on their back like Google.

Hal said...

Whoa whoa whoa . . . when did the beard make its exit?

Anonymous said...

I know... Jared, your beard makes you look naked!!! [gasp!]