June 12, 2007

I'm once again blind

I just returned from the eye "doctor" and my pupils have been dilated so I can barely read what I type. But I just wanted to blog some additional rage over this whole thing. I just paid nearly 100 dollars to someone to tell me that my prescription has in fact not changed in the past year. I tried to pry a decent explanation from her as to why the exam was necessary. She gave no reasonable excuse and then blamed state law. I say the state must be in the pocket of Big Eye-Ball. Still, it was nice of her to blind me (by dilating my pupils) before robbing me.


Nobrainer said...

Eye exams which are, more or less, mandatory have prices that continue to rise with time.

Eye surgeries, like LASIK, which are completely voluntary, become cheaper with time.

Think about it.

Unknown said...

No blood for contact solution!

Hal said...

Sorry, that was actually me, but my Dad's google account was still logged in.