June 07, 2007

Why I hate buy 1 get 1 free

Does anyone else hate it when a product you intend to purchase is buy 1 get 1 free? It drives me nuts. Why on earth can't they just make the product half off? Then I would not be forced to buy two loaves of bread when I only need one (for example). Whenever I come across a b1g1f, I have to spend several minutes deciding whether or not I want the second one.

Will I use it?
You might not. It could just go to waste.
Then again, it's "free" isn't it? I'd be a sucker if I left it here.
Not if you're just going to throw it away, you consumer whore.

My internal monologue is kinda mean.


Anonymous said...

Hell in my country(Poland) we've got better situation: Each time when I look on some product it says "25% free!". Riiight, but when you open, let's say, a pack of chips, you'll se that the pack is filled only to half with chips:/ Some 25% free:/... So I think you've got better situation, because you're sure you'll get that 1 free loaf of bread.:P Take care.

The Expert said...

I think that in illinois they have to give you a single loaf at half price if they run that type of sale. for example if they say 2 for 2.50, i can (and have) purchase only one and it will only be 1.25. Otherwise i'd agree.

poland guy: maybe they're letting you know that the bag is at least 25% free of chips. :)

Jared and Beth said...

Well the sure don't have that in VA.

Anonymous said...

I'm a consumer whore . . .

Nobrainer said...

What store are you shopping at? All the Krogers around here will sell 1 item at half of the b1g1f price.