October 08, 2008

Stupid People

I am only posting this for the hilarious shout out to Cubs fans which comes about halfway through the video.

October 03, 2008

Click Click....Nothing

So... I'm in Charlottesville. And my car won't start. Fun times.

The wife had a conference at Wintergreen so she went to that while I bummed around in CVille. Had lunch with some friends, stopped by a few offices, etc. Always nice to see people. Around 2:30 I get the call that the conference is over and I should head to pick up my old lady. I hop in Tracy (that's my car). Put the key in and turn it. Click! Nothing.

Goody gum drops. I probably have a bad starter. Not surprising on a 14 year old car with 172K miles, but still inconvenient. The battery seems to be fine as the lights and stereo still work. But no starting. Sooo I'm hanging out in the old grad school building until the wife arrives and we can pop the clutch. In the meantime, I figured I'd spend the time much as I did during grad school - music - blogging - talking to officemates - and avoiding work.

In other news, my interview yesterday went down pretty well. The word on the street (via my inside source of Columns O'Numbers) is that they're going to make me an offer. Now I have the tough decision to make of whether or not to accept! So many factors. The wife and I have a bit to discuss. OK. Time to go tackle item number one and make my car go!

October 01, 2008

Prescott Oil Loves the Earth

For the last few years, my distaste for car commercials has grown. There's much to complain about, but the thing that bugs me the most is when a company tries so hard to sell itself as environmentally friendly and fuel efficient when in fact it is far from it.

The new Hummer - with the highest EPA fuel rating in it's class.

And we're supposed to buy this. Never mind that it's probably the only friggin vehicle in its class! I mean, how is it that every car ever made has won a JD Power & Associates award for being the best whatever of its class?

Anyway - my point is: As gas prices have gone up, buying more efficient cars has begun to make more sense to the average American (as well as the median and mode American). And it's natural to expect car companies to try to convince us that their cars are fuel efficient and that their company cares about the environment. It just can be annoying when it is flatly untrue (as is often the case). Still, I've started to get used to seeing these kinds of ads (in fast motion as my DVR skips past them).

But lately, a new wave of ads has hit the tube. Energy and oil companies trying to promote the same green-friendly image. Again, this is understandable in the wake of the public outcry at record oil company profits. I just hope most of you catch the severe irony of these ads. And if you don't, our man Stephen Colbert will try to drive it home for you... (in a hybrid of course)...