November 17, 2006

Baseball is better than football

I love baseball. I a lot. I'd probably marry it if I could.

The first couple weeks I was dating my girlfriend, I was nervous the whole time that she was going to dump me because it was the playoffs and I spent all my free time watching the games. The one night we did go out instead of watching the game, I was checking the score on my phone the whole night.

Anyway - all that said, I wanted to share Thomas Boswell's amazing article from the Washington Post about Why Baseball Is So Much Better Than Football. It's a long list of reasons and incredibly brilliant. Just so you know - I'm not against football at all. I enjoy it. But it doesn't touch baseball. Here are a few reasons why (lifted from the article)...
  • The coin flip at the beginning of football games is idiotic. Home teams should always kick off and pick a goal to defend. In baseball, the visitor bats first (courtesy), while the host bats last (for drama). The football visitor should get the first chance to score, while the home team should have the dramatic advantage of receiving the second-half kickoff.
  • Baseball has no penalties at all. A home run is a home run. You cheer. In football, on a score, you look for flags. If there's one, who's it on? When can we cheer? Football acts can all be repealed. Baseball acts stand forever.
  • In baseball, fans catch foul balls. In football, they raise a net so you can't even catch an extra point.
  • The best ever in each sport - Babe Ruth and Jim Brown — each represents egocentric excess. But Ruth never threw a woman out a window.
  • Football is played best full of adrenaline and anger. Moderation seldom finds a place. Almost every act of baseball is a blending of effort and control; too much of either is fatal.

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