November 09, 2006

A toy in my cereal

This morning I opened up a new box of cereal. Some cinnamon cereal or another (I am a connoisseur of cinnamon foods and no cereal has yet come close to the ecstasy of Cinnamon Crispix - but we'll get to that another time) . And as I poured myself a bowl, out fell a toy. This was the first toy I'd gotten in a box of cereal since I was like 8. And I thought to myself...that's it - I'm starting a blog so I can share my excitement with others.

So here we are. Here I are, rather. Doing something I long swore I would not do - blogging. For a long time my take on blogging has been - why should I care what anyone else thinks about anything? And more to the point - why should anyone else care about what I think about anything? For that matter, do I even have any thoughts worthy of being contemplated by others? The answer... is no. But I've decided not to let that stop me. After all, I feel I've been missing out. I mean hell, all my theatre friends up in NYC even have blogs. And here I am an Aerospace Engineer - and I'm behind on the technology. I get to hear all about their drunken escapades. Whenever I wish I can find out what my cousin thinks of American politics. Or read more spiritual musings. Or laugh along at the struggles and absurdity of life as an English grad student. So why shouldn't all these people have to know what I'm up to? Well now I expect, nay, demand it.

So let's brainstorm. What on earth can I offer to the blogosphere (gross... my first blogger slang)? Well I suppose that's still up for debate - and I'm open to suggestions. This certainly will not be a political blog - though I can't say I won't offer an occasional comment on the subject. Neither will it be a collection of drunken tales involving midgets and public urination - though let's hope some entertaining stories come along. I do plan on chronicling every single thing I do throughout my day - from brushing my teeth in the morning, to watching Simpson's before bed. Meh, on second thought - that could get tedious. How bout this... I will tell you why I hate umbrellas, cats, and Canadians. I will explain why straws are inefficient. I will regale tales of old NU (when requested by my fellow graduates). I will mock the Cubs and sing praises of Albert Pujols. And generally... I will waste time at work.

Let the fun begin.


Anonymous said...

Midgets AND public urination? That's the stuff of Chaucer, my friend.

Hey, I'd have offered you a co-blogger position if you'd wanted it (so you could feed off of my massive readership, right?).

What you should write? Write what you enjoy. I get fired up by politics because it's in the news a lot, so I write about that. That's mostly an extension of my love for philosophy, so I write about that from time to time as well. And I enjoy a good spiritual discussion as the next person, so that shows up in my writings as well. Science is fun too, as well as random and weird news.

So, make your blog whatever you want it to be. One subject, or whatever is interesting you at the moment. Fiction, science, news, politics, religion . . . pick your poison. If you write to please others, you'll quickly get bored with this. If you write what you enjoy, you'll come back to this all the time.

There are bloggers who get more traffic than I do (and I've been at it longer than some of them), but I do it because I think it's fun.

The Bourbon Samurai said...

I prefer the term blogodrome. More terror inspiring.

Write easily understandable instructions for building a spaceship in one's basement.

Anonymous said...

I think, Dr. Church, that your introduction to your first ever blog is quite worthy of applause. Therefore....I applaud you. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I prefer Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Jared and Beth said...

That's because you haven't tasted Cinnamon Crispix.