November 21, 2006

That thing is lucky I'm not armed

I have a way with the copy machine in our department office. Unfortunately, it's a bad way. Every time I use the thing it paper jams on me and quotes from Office Space flow through my consciousness. Thankfully our dept. secretary usually comes to my rescue. I just spent a good 45 minutes copying the drum score for Ain't Misbehavin'. I'm filling in for 6 shows at LiveArts this December (by the by - based on what I heard last night, it's likely to be a good show - come see it). What kind of irritates me about the situation is that I'd asked the music director 5 times to make me a copy of the score and a CD of the soundtrack so I could spend some time with the music and be ready to perform. Of course, knowing the musical director as I do from a previous show (she's totally incompetent despite her pleasant, mellow, half-baked demeanor) I should have guessed she would leave me hanging. Ah well. It's done now.

In other news, my Musings have now received visitors from several other countries including: China, Brazil, Argentina, and Canada (I know, I know, Canada's not a real country). So that's fun. Also, I was pleased to discover this morning that the person tracked by sitemeter visiting my site daily was not in fact this weird stalker girl that I barely know (I had reasons for the assumption in identity - but they are boring and technical) but rather was my sister (who is weird but not a stalker).

Today I've got lots left to do. I didn't come in to work till noon (ah, grad school). I've got a meeting with some tech guy at 2, a hairs cut at 3, then I need to finish work, do laundry, get packed and run errands before leaving town at the buttocks-crack of dawn tomorrow morning. Unfortunately all of this meant Tin Roof and I had to pass on an invitation to spend the night at Sandals and Husband's house in Lynchburg (which I have yet to see). (Husband is the worship director at my church and Sandals is his wife. They are good people.) Ok, that's it, I've used entirely too many parenthesis today. I quit. (PS. the cubs suck.)


Anonymous said...

"Canada is not a real country?" I am so glad you acknowledge this, too I've been trying to tell people for years that it's an extension of Texas.

Is Sandals my new nickname, Dr. Church?

Jared and Beth said...

Indeed it is. Hope you're ok with that. As for Canada, I like Robin Williams' assessment of the situation...

Canada is like a loft apartment above a really great party.

Hal said...

I wonder what would happen if the US merged with Canada to form one supernation (I mean, besides the political nightmare that would entail).

We're more likely to fuse with Mexico first. And I'm thinking the best deal from that will be a large influx of cheap tequila. What would we get from Canada? Moose?