November 27, 2006

Whatever happened to Judy Winslow?

How is it that I would rather look up useless information on Wikipedia than do my research? After all, research is what I'm paid (albeit too little) to do. And completing my research is my only ticket out of this hell hole. And yet, when it comes down to it, I am much more interested in researching what is the longest pedestrian bridge in the world or the longest main street in the US. Or reading about how the girl who played Judy on Family Matters (you remember, the younger sister who was eventually swept under the rug without so much as a peep from Carl or Harriet) is from my hometown. And for that matter, she eventually became a porn star! Oh Wikipedia, you're so witty and interesting (alright, primarily interesting).

I had a great Thanksgiving and the extra tire around my waist to prove it. But I should get back to grading for Thermomechanics. I told my master I'd have them done for him by class tonight. Plus I have yet to plan the Bible study I'm supposed to be leading tonight. More about the holidays later.

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Anonymous said...

Wikipedia is an entirely proper forum for research...glad you had a good Thanksgiving without "Meet the Parents" epidsodes. You can bring the jello.