January 09, 2007

I think I can, I think I can

Why is it that some days (like today) are days in which I have no motivation and can't figure out what to do with myself while other days (yesterday) are so full of big decisions that I verge on a breakdown? Yesterday was very stressful - though I suppose in a good way. I've had several different performance opportunities fall into my lap at the same moment and it's been a bit overwhelming. First I should set the context in that this semester I will likely be taking two classes and TA-ing in addition to my normal research load. On top of this, I usually am involved with a choral group and jazz ensemble on campus. Meanwhile I have bible study, worship team practice, GCF, and Awanas which take up time each week. Oh...and a girlfriend. Hopefully you can see why any decisions regarding my schedule are complicated.

Sunday afternoon a friend convinced me to audition for Company up at the Four County Players. It's a show I've liked ever since seeing a David Schwimmer look-alike play the role of Robert at NU my freshman year. I've been offered the role of Larry. The major drawback to involvement is the playhouse is a 25 minute drive which means lots of commute time (and gas money). So I have yet to accept the role (though who am I kidding, I probably will).

Meanwhile, I've been trying harder to work out a scenario in which I could spend a few weeks in Chicago helping out with Be The Groove. They have some performances in March/April that I'd like to be a part of. After a long discussion with some of those folks, it's unfortunately looking less possible to make happen, primarily because of my TA responsibilities. Have I mentioned lately that I hate grad school?

Finally, I received a call yesterday about an audition for some sort of radio-style play which is to be broadcast via cell phones. I didn't really understand, but what I did understand is that it's a paying gig! So...looks like I'll be auditioning for that as well.

Life is funny like that I guess. When it rains, it often indeed pours. I just wish I had longer to make some of the decisions. I'm not great at snap decisions especially when they're all interrelated... unless the questions are "Would you like to watch a movie?" and "Would you like to eat cinnamon rolls?" I will always answer yes and can do them simultaneously.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, it snowed in Riverside today. (see www.leahmarievis.blogspot.com)
Crazy, huh?