January 04, 2007

Guess who's back?

And it's not Slim Shady.

I arrived back in C'Ville just before midnight last night after a nearly 12 hour drive from StL. It was quite a day let me tell you. The highlight was probably the first four hours, during which TinRoof and I listened to A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction as read by the cast of the Daily Show. It was entertaining. Also, a guy in West Virginia offered to give us a free tank of gas if we took this stray dog with us that had shown up at the gas station that day.

Now I'm back in my windowless "office" and wondering how many days (hours?) it will take before I return to the less relaxed and happy version of myself. But since I'm sure you're all dying to know what I was up to during my blogatus (sweet, I totally just invented a word), let's see if this helps...

Top 5 Meals I ate over the Holidays
  1. The Melting Pot. As previously mentioned, this was a present to the family from my brother. The meal was pretty much orgasmic. Plus it was a good time with the family.
  2. White Castle. I know it must seem odd for this to be placed so closely to a meal at the Melting Pot, but I really love whiteys (way better than Krystal) and I don't ever get them on this stupid "east coast".
  3. Christmas morning breakfast. My family eats the same thing every Christmas morning/day. Homemade breakfast burritos (my dad and some friends invented these many years ago in Texas...then McDonald's stole the idea), cinnamon rolls, orange rolls, and fresh fruit salad. Deeeeliciousness.
  4. A tie between the broccoli chicken braid my mom made Tuesday night (one of my favorite dishes she makes) and New Years Day lunch at my grandmother's place which consisted of the Midwestern/German tradition of pork and sauerkraut. I really don't care much for either of those things, but the corn and mashed potatoes and bread and whatnot were all fantastic. Really the pork was fine, but I didn't touch the sauerkraut. TinRoof earned HUGE bonus points with my family for trying the following: pork, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, corn, and ketchup...mixed together. They claim that's the only way to eat it.
  5. 3 beers and some homemade chips. This was essentially my dinner one night with my friend Voce99. We spent one evening at our favorite pub in Belleville (an Irish one) catching up over beers and the most enormous plate of chips we had ever attempted to eat.


Anonymous said...

It's weird seeing the word "orgasmic" and knowing you wrote it! You'll have to find a way to use it in a sentence later...Looking forward to seeing you back on Sunday!

Hal said...

Where is this Irish pub you are so fond of?

Unknown said...

Glad that the pub made #5 of your favorite meals over Christmas. And I think that Voce99 sounds like a supremely cool person.