January 18, 2007

Some Questions

I've got some questions I need answered. And maybe you people can help me.
  • Question the first: What is the point of building a bathroom with a window? At what point will this window's shade be opened? Never! Unless the house belongs to an exhibitionist. It just seems like a waste of a window to me.
    • Sub-question: Why is it that in the Chicago area many of these bathroom windows are in the shower? Seriously! Talk about impractical. The worst part about this is that the window frame (usually made of wood) tends to get gross and warped and... gross. If I ever get to move back to Chi-town, I refuse to live in an apartment where the shower has a window (though I've already lived in an apartment where the shower was in a closet).
  • Pregunta dos: Why do people not make full use of their scarves? All too often I see someone wearing a scarf which practically touches the ground and yet they don't even have it wrapped once around their neck. If you're inside, that's one thing - this can look cool and trendy. But if you're outside and it is cold, don't be an idiot! I suppose it could just be Virginians who, as I've previously discussed, have difficulty dressing themselves.
    • Sub-pregunta: People do this with hoods on sweaters and coats too. I like hoodies, but I feel too many people never make use of the hood itself. Why is this?
  • Three: What on earth is the deal with all the interest in Judy Winslow? (or rather, Jaimee Foxworth) Of all the google searches leading people to my blog, the vast majority of them have to do with people wondering what happened to the forgotten Winslow child. (If you missed it, I've tackled this subject previously.) I'm starting to consider whether or not I should re-title my blog "The Judy Winslow Fan Club". Anyway, since this post will undoubtedly draw more curious googlers, here's a picture we can all smile and shake our heads at as we silently contemplate Judy's fate.

    • 3b: Why did a google search for "licking feet videos" lead someone to my site? Ok well admitedly it was cause of my second Randy Beaman post, but still! I suppose the real question is - what on earth was this pervert hoping to find with such a search?
Maybe there are some things we're just not supposed to know the answers to.


Hal said...

1) Originally in these buildings, there were no fan vents (and sometimes there are still none). To prevent hot shower/bath water from causing mold, open windows allow for proper ventillation.

Keeping them is part of the "vintage" (i.e. old and unmodernized) "appeal" of the apartments.

And, from what I've seen, most of these windows are frosted, so there's no worry about showing off your dangly parts to the neighbors/brickwall outside your window.

2) People are more concerned with being cool than being cold. Apparently, it's cool to be cold.

Make what you will of that.

3) Didn't you say last time that she'd gone into porn? You'd be surprised how people love it when childhood idols start showing their nether regions. Or are you saying you'd have no interest in seeing Larissa Oleynik show a little skin?

Besides, celebrity gossip blogs carry a lot of net traffic. More so than is healthy.

Also, the weird searches are just the nature of the net. There's some very strange people out there looking for strange things. For example, I've had people come to my site looking for men in wet shirts with hard nipples. NO idea what I wrote about that drew them in.

The Bourbon Samurai said...

I've written about this issue many times, but my favorites are still
"what causes bad thoughts in the head?"
what a 90 year old man fuck

Anonymous said...

There are many fine reasons to have a shower in the bathroom. To air it out after a smelly shit or after you have hotboxed your shower (ah, High school)

Personally, I think scarves are weird and can understand how they can be misworn

I did not know people were interested in this chick

Anonymous said...

I currently have a mini window in my shower (my apartment complex is 5 years old and totally not the vintage look) and I LOVE IT! It's high enough that no one can look in (I'm on the 2nd floor) and I don't have to turn on the light during the day to be in there. It adds so much sunlight! Unfortunatly, it doesn't open.

Anonymous said...

all my baths do have windows and you can almost grab in the forest next to the house, believe me no one is looking.

ALso since the house is from 1656 they had problems with a solid power conection to work the fans.

There is something else than town life.....