January 22, 2007

That's one Martian step for man

... one giant le.. Oh my God! What are those creatures!?!? Ahhhhh!

Once upon a time, I dreamt of growing up to be an astronaut. That dream has pretty much faded for me for a variety of reasons (primarily that I am physically unqualified on account of my poor vision...and no... laser surgery would disqualify me). Back in the day I aspired to be the first human to walk on Mars. At the time, I had done the rough math and figured I might just be the right age if things went well for the next few decades. Clearly there have been some setbacks in recent times which has slowed the progress of space travel. And while I do expect we will see a man on Mars in our lifetime, I imagine we'll be past our prime by then. However, I'd like to get some audience participation in relation to the most important responsibility of whichever lucky American is the first to set foot on Mars. And that is:

What would be the perfect exclamation by the first human to step on Mars?

Think about it! This is the real challenge of walking on Mars. Consider the competition. "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." I mean, my God. Talk about poetry! If you're about to be the first human on Mars, you damn well better have a quote prepared to beat that. Your voice is likely to echo through time and you don't want to say something stupid like, "Boy is it dusty here" or "Meh, I see no signs of water."

So readers, what do you think? What would you say?


Anonymous said...

Boyah! I just made space my bitch!

thats what I would say

Hal said...

"Go, Dad, Go!"

Hm, on second thought, let's not let the Simpsons be the wisdom of the ages.

Anonymous said...

How about: "It's smaller than I thought it would be."

Followed by: "That's what she said." :-)

Jared and Beth said...

I think for full hilarity quotient, the response should be sounded by the NASA folks at Houston :-)

How come Dubs has yet to chime in? That guy is always good for juicy phraseology.

Anonymous said...

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Yeah, that other comment wasn't spam. It was just my blogger identity that I forgot to log out of.

"Visit GoldenPalace.com" would be a great thing to say if you are the first person to make it to mars... be a tidy payday, too.

The Bourbon Samurai said...

"Look! A Starbucks!"